I listened to Great Spirits from Brother Bear immediately after leaving my second viewing of How To Train Your Dragon 2.

I am not even in the REALM of Okay.


How to Train Your Dragon 2


I did not expect that.

I must have more. MORE I SAY.

No, self, do not stay up until dawn reading fanfic/watching episodes of the tv show/rewatching the first movie augh my feels

Give me…

Give me Steve as an artist.

Give me Steve suffering artist’s block because he doesn’t know what to draw. Give me his struggles to find a translation for what he wants to put down, yet being unable to make his thoughts connect to his hands.

Give me Steve drawing landscapes, architecture, sketching models and still life with perfect precision because of his superhuman memory, and hating every bit of it because it’s not a challenge anymore, it’s just his brain being a laser printer.

Give me Steve in paint-spattered clothes, slapping colour onto canvas in wide, broad strokes. No rhyme or reason to it, just trying to convey emotion and feeling in simple colour. Messy, chaotic; letting his inspiration run free without worrying about detail.

Give me Steve using art to exorcise the demons in his subconscious, the ones that torment him with the horrors of the war he just woke up from, the loss of his friends, his family, because he just can’t put it into words for those irritating SHIELD psychologists.

All the artist!Steve.

So what if…

Sam had a partner named Riley.

Riley’s codename was Redwing.

Pararescue gave him the means to fly, but Riley showed him how to soar.

When Riley went down, Sam dismissed it as a hysterical hallucination; for a moment before the crash, he could’ve sworn he’d seen his partner disappear, and a hawk take its place.

There was never a body; the fires burned too hot. They buried an empty casket.

Flash forward. A battle against hydra goons - Sam swears he hears Riley’s voice in his head. *On your left!* A hawk screams out of the sky, rakes talons across the face of a goon about to shoot Sam in the back.

"Aren’t I supposed to be the one with the pet eagle?" Steve teases, because he’s seen the memes, and Sam has a hawk following him around now.

At least until it talks to them telepathically and turns into Sam’s not-so-dead partner.

Tobias Riley. Ex-animorph. Refugee from a separate dimension. Assumed he had become a nothlit again, frozen in human form, until he morphed out of reflex and desperation to escape his burning EXO-harness, only to loose himself for a time in the animal instinct and terror of the hawk he had become.

Movie was wonderful, new friends even more wonderful, home now. Got a head fulla movie stuff and a glass of gingerale spiked with Emergen-C, and 2 hours till I hafta go to bed for work tomorrow.

Fic shall be attempted!

UPDATE: Fic was tried for an hour, then I got back on SWTOR and managed to clear all my standing quests on Taris and get the hell off that rock of disease and darkness. Sure, there were others I could’ve picked up, but I chose to leave them to their suffering. bwahahahaha. that and it was nearly 10pm and work tomorrow, ugh.

Will try to make more fic-progress this week.



Four hours to go till the movie, and I still haven’t gotten dressed. Time to get off SWTOR and make myself presentable.

You’re on SWTOR, too? What server? I’m on Bergen Colony. Oh, and weather being what it is, I went in for my tye-dye hoodie and black jeans.

Tumblr being what it is and having eaten this post in a wash of dashboard junk, I didn’t see this earlier, but we found eachother anyway so all is good!

And yes. Bergen Colony, which for some reason I read as Begeren It actually is Begeren, I remembered rightly! I can be found as Me’Ados, jedi sage, and Kayden’eth, also sage, of the Morress legacy. His name is supposed to be just Kayden but that name was taken rjdghsdkgfh.

Four hours to go till the movie, and I still haven’t gotten dressed. Time to get off SWTOR and make myself presentable.


Any Seattle-area Tron fans want to join me for a big bowl of popcorn at the Cinerama when they show Tron this weekend? (4pm Sunday May 4)

Count me in! :D Although not for the popcorn, cannot partake, woe is I.

Dear Marvel,

I can accept, grudgingly, the lack of Hawkeye in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Sure, it would’ve been nice to at least get a cameo, but there was a lot to cover and I can understand not wanting to have two wise-cracking dudes of awesome as Cap’s sidekicks in a single movie.

However, take note: If Hawkeye does not show up in at least one episode of Agents of SHIELD before the end of the season, given that we have reached the events of the Winter Soldier and thus a perfect opportunity to show us what he was doing during that time period, I will be very annoyed.

The only concession I will allow for his non-appearance is if you include on the Winter Soldier DVD a Marvel Short which is nothing less than What Clint Barton Was Doing During This Movie.

Please and thank you,


My Kingdom for Pizza

Wow tumblr way to go posting this before I even wrote anything.

One of the things I have missed the most since becoming, if not allergic, than certainly quite dairy/lactose-intolerant, has been pizza.

It is possible, some might say, to make pizza without cheese. To smear bread with tomato sauce and toppings, and call that pizza. To these some, I say nay, for I have tasted the creamy, stringy mozzarella and forever yearn to taste its glory again. Pizza is not the same without cheese. This is my opinion. This I feel should be fact.

Yesterday, in celebration of certain RL events, my mom and I went in hunt of pizza, and were victorious.

There is a small pizza/pasta place here in Seattle called Amante Pizza and Pasta. It is a small chain, only three locations, but the one in West Seattle is the important one. Tiny little shack on the side of California Ave. Barely enough parking on the curb, but that’s okay because there are only two tables indoors. (Possibly 3, I wasn’t paying much attention.) The only pizza place in West Seattle, as far as I know, to offer both gluten crust options, and vegan cheese, as alternatives to your normal cheese and bread fare. The best part: the vegan cheese they offer is Daiya, which in my opinion is hands-down the best non-cheese on the market right now.

Now, I have tried myself in the past to make pizza at home using Daiya. I wasn’t doing it right. For what my teeth sank into was nothing but perfection. Just the right amount of cheese, with sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, garlic, and olives, on a crust that was crisp and just chewy enough. It was an experience that far surpassed my earlier experiments, to a factor of 150%.

imageIs that not edible deliciousness on a platter?

Perhaps I am biased. Perhaps my taste buds have yearned for pizza so long, any pizza would do. I won’t make comment on the possibility of cross-contamination, or what measures are in place for people with other allergies, because I just can’t say. All I can say is that as a forced dairy-avoider, I had a wonderful dinner (which tasted just as good the next day when I microwaved the leftovers!) By the suns, I would eat there again (though sparingly, as their prices do feel a bit painful to a small pocket.)

I recommend Amante to anyone in Seattle, whether they share my plight or not. Because if the dairy-free option was this good, imagine what their normal pies taste like?