ElecTRONica: End Of Line - A Final Night Fanmix

The short time I attended ElecTRONica was the best time I have ever experienced, and being there on the final nights broke my heart. That is why I have created this fanmix.

Recognizer / Armory Played one after the other on a loop, these two songs built the suspense as the crowd waited for Eckert’s opening act, Power Surge, as he enticed the crowd first in the daytime to stick around until night fell, and later at duskto enter the Portal.

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) The theme of Power Surge’s first act, featuring Users in 80’s fashion playing and dancing around the old Tron arcade game.

The Game Has Changed/Fall opening of the second act, as the Users are replaced by the Programs, and a choreographed dance/disk battle takes place.

Aerodynamic/Superheroes/Crescendolls Eckert arrives, to one of three themes, to rile and rev up the crowd with his usual enthusiasm and flair. When I attended, it was usually Aerodynamic in the pre-show, Superheroes in the night show, and then Crescendolls as the crowd left to enter the portal.

Technologic Time to teach you Users a dance. This is the only song Eckert teaches you a dance to that isn’t also used at some other point in this tracklist. It wasn’t used on the Final Night, but I included it anyways. The other two songs to dance to are Around The World and One More Time.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Not technically used on the Final Night, but still an important song for Tron fans - it’s the song that plays when Sam discovers the laser lab in the basement.

Party Rock Anthem Eckert’s favourite song - only not really; he thinks shuffling is a dance for Users, not programs. It was played often enough to include it on this mix.

The remaining songs are what was played during the last night’s final half-hour/20 minutes. Cinema (Skrillex Remix), followed by Shotgun. There was a momentary break in the regular music for interactive dancing to Around The World. Then it was back into the music, with We Found Love, Levels (Skrillex Remix), and Starships (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix).

Amidst tears and sobbing and exuberant cries from the audience, screaming NO and ONE MORE SONG, Program DJ Michael Paul whipped up a special mix for One More Time. And Users and Programs danced together, one more time. And suddenly, the music began to warp. The screen on the wall began scrolling command lines, shutdown procedures. A countdown began, as the MCP’s booming voice counted down from ten. Everyone was distracted by the wall. I happened to glance back at the dais - all the programs had vanished, even the ones on the platforms! A great beam of white light, the Portal, was shooting up into the sky. With finality, the lights began to shut off, one by one.

End of Line, growled the MCP, and the Portal went dark.

Anyways. If you like this fanmix, try putting it together yourself and getting a taste of what the final night gave us.

Tron, Legacy, Eckert, ElecTRONica belong to Disney, the music belongs to the assorted artists, the photo is from Flickr and the crowd vector I used in the front cover is from All-Silhouettes.com.

NOTE: I tried to make this into an 8tracks playlist for everyone, but it wouldn’t let me save because there were too many Daft Punk songs. ;-; Sorry.

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